1.Target Aquired




Big and filmic, an adrenelin-fueled chase scene



2. Fragile Oceans:




Depicting the fragility, power and wonder
of the seas.

3. 'I Am He':
I Love to Run






Opening dream-like sequence:a man without
speech or movement dreams of running

4. Cityscape


Evocative and moody track that conveys 
the strength and life of a city at night.

5. Homecoming


Underscoring an emotional scene in which
a father and son are reconciled.

6. 'The Lion's Share': 
Opening Titles



Documentary about two prides of Lions living in
the Serengeti. This main theme was meant to convey
the strength and nobility of the dominant tribe.


7. 'The Lion's Share':
Chase and Kill



After a tense build-up, a lioness is in pursuit of
a wildebeest. Shot in slow motion.

8. 'The Phoenix':
Opening Titles (1)



Unusual and unsettling short film in the horror genre.
Set both in the present and in the time of Joan of Arc.
Opening misty shots of ruined castle in 16th century France.

9. 'The Phoenix':
Opening Titles (2)




Main Theme under main opening credits.
A big sound was called for, setting up a dark and ominous tone.

10. 'Camille e Mariuccia':
Closing Titles






Set in the rural Tuscan countryside, two very different
help each other come to terms with their loss.

11. 'Changing Seasons'



In an improvisatory style, this track illustrates
the continuous
turning of the seasons.            

12. Rolfe's Animal Hairdressers:
'To The Salon!'



A truly bizarre and funny cartoon involving Aussie
Rolfe, a drunk horse, a bunch of Rhinos
and a squad of suicidal lemmings!
Traditional classic cartoon music brought up to date
with a post modern/dance twist.

13. 'The Horrible Histories':
Savage Stoneage






Opening Sting for Audio Book version of
the classic
children's series.

14. BAA 'Super Sleuth'




'Pink Panther-esque' Duty Free ad.

15. Fjord Vistas






Aerial Shots of the mighty fjords of Norway.





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